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  • Training the Dog, a 2017 New Years Resolution
    Training the Dog, a 2017 New Years ResolutionHere it is a new year again, and we’re all thinking, “what could I do to make myself better?”  Well, one of those Read more
  • Pet Owners Vote: Pet's Friend Animal Clinic Best In Silicon Valley
    What’s our secret? The one that allows us to be named the Best Veterinarians in Silicon Valley and the State of California’s Best Small Business in California for 2016? People who Read more
  • Loving Pets and Our Work is Good Business!
    When you do what you love and focus on others, the business of veterinary medicine will take care of itself (usually). That’s why we at Pet’s Friend were delighted and Read more
  • Socialization: The Puppy's Rule of 12!
    Make sure all experiences are safe and positive for the puppy. Each encounter should include treats and lots of praise. Slow down if your puppy is scared!FOLLOW YOUR VETERINARIAN’S RECOMMENDATIONS Read more
  • Awareness of Tick Exposure and Tick-Borne Diseases
    Pet owners who believe their pets are safe from ticks because they live in the suburbs and don’t live near open spaces are mistaken. Ticks adapt their life stages to Read more
  • Cardiac Ultra Sound at Pet's Friend Animal Clinic
    At Pet’s Friend Animal Clinic, we partner with Board-certified Veterinary Cardiologists, specialists who can perform detailed assessments of heart function while your pet is in our clinic. Echocardiography refers to Read more
  • Lilies Perfumed Poison to Cats
    The perfumed scent of lilies announcing spring is hard to ignore. They appear in churches, garden centers, markets, and arrive as gifts. But DO NOT bring home lilies if you Read more
  • Bella the Hero Dog
    On November 9, Joanie Del Castillo was awakened at about 11:30 PM by her 4-year-old Yorkie mix, Bella. Bella, who normally sleeps downstairs, had come upstairs and was very persistent in Read more

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