What can my puppy have to chew on?

There are really only a few things that veterinary medical and dental specialists recommend that puppies chew on. The concern is how easily puppies and adult dogs can break their teeth or cause severe wear. A great general rule of thumb: if you cannot indent the toy/treat with your fingernail, it is too hard for your pet to be chewing on!

What can my puppy have to chew on?


• Booda “velvet” brand chew bones: cornmeal based

• Greenies: wheat gluten based, give in limited amounts to avoid diarrhea

• Nylabone “edible” line only: potato or carrot or spinach based

• Kong toys: these may be stuffed with food items if needed to entertain the puppy or encourage appropriate chewing

• Knotted cotton rope toys: great for teething as they can be moistened with water or broth and frozen to sooth irritated little gums. Do not use these if puppies tend to pull strings out as they could ingest these and have intestinal problems. The fringed part of these toys may be cut short if cotton fringed rugs are in the home so that puppies do not generalize to chewing these as well.


• Nylon bones

• Tennis, soccer, basket balls, etc. (these may wear down your puppy’s teeth)

• Real bones of ANY kind

• Rawhide, pig ears, cow hooves, antlers

• Any toys with squeakers that could be removed and swallowed (Squeaky toys are fun with supervision!)

• Any plastic toys that could be destroyed and eaten

• Stuffed toys: puppies are unable to tell their own toys from your upholstered furniture and may go after couch cushions, children’s toys, or other inappropriate items that are similar.

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