Common Poisonous Plants Fruits And Food

• Almonds: seeds

• Apple cores

• Lily of the valley: the entire plant

• Apricot: pit

• Lilies, all kinds and colors

• Avocado: pit

• Lobelia: leaves-stems-fruit

• Cherry: seeds

• Indian tobacco

• Wild cherry

• Macadamia nut

• Chocolate * Very Toxic*

• Marijuana: leaves-flowers-seeds

• Christmas Rose: the entire plant

• Mistletoe: the entire plant

• Lenten rose

• Mock Orange: fruit

• Skunk Cabbage

• Morning glory: seeds

• Clematis: the entire plant

• Mushrooms

• Crown of thorns: leaves, stems and sap

• Nutmeg

• Daphne: the entire plant *Very Poisonous*

• Oleander: the entire plant/roots

• Delphinium: the entire plant

• Onion

• Larkspur

• Peach: pit/seeds

• Stagerweed

• Pear Balsam: seeds/fruit

• Dieffenbachia: the entire plant

• Philodendron: the entire plant/roots

• Dumb Cane

• All kinds of philodendron

• Mother-in-law’s tongue

• Periwinkle: the entire plant *Very Poisonous*

• Foxglove: the entire plant, * Very Poisonous*

• Pittosporum: the entire plant *Very poisonous*

• Garlic

• Poppy: seeds/oil

• Grapes/Raisins

• Primrose: leaves-stems

• Holly: leaves-berries

• Privet: leaves-berries

• All kinds of Hollies

• Rhubarb: leaves blades

• Hydrangea: the entire plant

• Tobacco: the entire plant

• Ivy: the entire plant

• Tomato: all the non-fruit part

• All kind of Ivies

• Jasmine: fruit-leaves-sap

• Amaryllis Lantana: the entire plant

• Rhododendron: the entire plant

*The BULBS from these plants are very poisonous:
Java beans, Jessamine, Crocus, Daffodils, Azaleas, Hyacinth, Laurel, Narcissus, Snowdrop

This is a partial list of the more common poisonous plants. You can obtain a complete list from the University of California Cooperative Extension office and ask for publication 21564.

In case of an emergency or if you need an immediate answer about a specific plant or toxin that is not on this list, please call us 408-739-2688 or the Poison Control Center at 1-800-662-9886.

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