Trimming Your Cat S Nails

Trimming Your Cat’s Nails

Why trim nails?

Nail trimming is an important grooming routine. Long nails can get caught on things in the environment and become at risk for infection if the break or grow into the paw pads. Moreover, walking on overgrown nails is uncomfortable and can cause an unnatural gait, leading to skeletal damage.

Is there a difference in trimming dog and cat nails?

Cat and dog nails are not very different. In cats, you need to press the paw pad to expose the nails. Also, cats typically have white nails where the quick is clearly pink, making nail trims slightly easier. Dogs can have either white, black, or both nail colors.
Types of Nail Clippers:
• Plier-type: (photo #1 and #2)**
At PFAC, we prefer these types of clippers for better control during nail trimming. Use what you feel most comfortable with!
• Scissor-type: (photo#3)
• Guillotine-type: (photo#4)

Getting Started:

  1. Start touching your dog or cat’s paws frequently so they become used to you doing so. Give lots of treats and praise when they are still for you.
  2. Practice restraining, usually with one other person laying your animal on their side.
  3. Go slow and be patient. It’s a scary ordeal for most animals, but can be made into positive experience. Getting used to the routine takes time.

How to Cut: *If you cut too short and the nail bleeds, IT’S OK*

Have some styptic powder on hand to pack on the nail in case.

Just apply some powder to the bleeding nail and apply gentle pressure for 5 seconds. Reapply as necessary until bleeding stops.

 Don’t forget to trim the dew claws!
 Feel free to ask for a demonstration if you want some extra pointers.

For more information, please feel free to call Pet's Friend Animal Clinic about any questions or concerns you may have at 408-739-2688.

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